Series Description: Above are selections from an ongoing series which seeks to subvert patriarchally-rooted ideals of womanhood and beauty. This work sheds light on the hidden and often stigmatized moments of bodily upkeep; the behaviors that are required to maintain the socially-defined 'feminine' artifice. I am interested in deconstructing the ways in which institutional and cultural systems — school, family, media, among others — condition young girls to comport themselves in specific, often disempowering ways. Young girls and women must monitor and manipulate their bodies, constrict and restrict their movements and behaviors — inadvertently limiting their mental and physical abilities. These manipulations, constrictions, and restrictions are all in the name of achieving femininity — of appearing pure, yet sexy — well-groomed, well-shaped, and well-dressed. I employ dyptychs and triptychs, individually captured frames of the scene sequenced to  create a distorted panoramic effect. This fragmenting technique reiterates the nature of female gender performance - subtle enough to go unnoticed, seemingly normal, yet ultimately a distortion. By capturing these typically concealed moments, I hope that viewers critically engage with the implications of these behaviors and their effect on young women.